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Step into your innate strength & reconnect with yourself.

life coaching & mentoring

It can be hard to find your voice and your ability to be strong. I'm here to help you unlock from your inner thoughts and mental imagery that may leave you feeling stuck, and move forward in life, daring to be all of you.

Dare to be strong, in all its definitions.

one day, one thing, one step at a time

It can be hard to find your voice and your ability to be strong. Instead, you move through life as opposed to living life. Feeling a bit disconnected and removed. Feeling unworthy, less than, and unheard. But when you have the right tools and support, everything can change.

There is a new way to live life, in strength.

There is a new way to belong, to feel connected & worthy.

There is a new way to see challenges, meeting them with confidence.

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My work is dedicated to helping you reconnect with yourself and pull free from what is holding you back in life. To become aware of your thoughts, to re-establish your connection and foundations of trust. To respect and cooperate and repair what might have been broken along the way.​

I want to help you feel confident in your role as the calm, steady, tuned-in leader of your life. To be able to trust in yourself and your own instincts. To pause and really listen, seeing who you are and what you need to become the authentic, confident, independent person you already are at your core. 

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There is a new way to just be.

"I'm showing up with so much confidence."

sweet words from clients

"Donna is such a powerful coach/mentor. She's really found a beautiful rhythm and the level of care and empathy she brings as a coach is honestly so healing that it feels like magic. My belief system of not being good enough seems to have switched and I feel like I'm automatically showing up with so much more confidence."

— marianne

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I have learned how to find my voice and I want to help you learn how to find yours, too.

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I'm Donna, a certified Social Worker and Life Coach. 

We have all traveled difficult roads. Roads with potholes, detours, do not enter, and one-way signs along the way. -- we may enter them at different times, in different ways, and in different places but obstacles, challenges, and successes are a common road we all have traversed.

I can help you confront and manage your challenges. I understand the pain and I know how to help you navigate through the rough waters. 

I bring with me the benefit of MY journey and the meaningful lessons I have learned that have made me stronger and happy to Just BE!