If you have ever felt like you are not enough or not deserving...

you are not alone.

If you have ever felt like you are filled with emotion and overwhelm; that you are being held back and as you fight to move forward the retractor mechanism is too hard to fight -if you have felt like you are not living life and that you are watching someone else, a stranger - you are not alone - - these feelings are all too common. 


My work is dedicated to helping you reconnect with yourself and pull free from what is holding you back.

To become aware of your thoughts, to re-establish your connection and foundations of trust, to respect and cooperate and repair what might have been broken along the way.

I want to help you feel confident in your role as the calm, steady, tuned-in leader of your life. To be able to trust in yourself and your own instincts. To pause and really listen to who you are.

And what you need for you to become the authentic, confident, independent, person you are seeking. 

Wherever you are in your journey, I am here to help. This is your journey and where you lead I will follow. My role is to guide you by allowing you to identify precisely where your unique concerns are and how they came to be, and what needs to change for you to lead the whole, resourceful and unique life that is yours for the taking.

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Dare to be is having  a sense of well-being, confidence, competency and growth.  It is what resonates with who one is, or wishes to become. It is an ability to heal, connect, inspire, forgive, accept, face fears, endure and embrace life with purpose. It confronts those challenging moments that test courage and invade our reality.

Humans need connectedness, we are wired that way.  We learn, bond, and find strength in conversation, a conversation that holds no judgement and no shame and that links us togethter.  It is those courageous people talking in a room and sharing their story,  giving to one another that make us stronger together.   DARE TO BE 

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is the willingness to become aware and make the choice to add, discontinue, and discover new attitudes and behavior.

is and action word, It is not passive.  It keeps us moving in times of adversity, somethig to pursue not hold out for.  

is becoming and developing a greater sense of self and safety in relaionships, behavior and actions.





is the confidene to move through challenges and emotions.  To keep moving forward no matter what is ahead.

is the pause and reconnect that comes with the knowledge of being whole, resourceful and complete.  

The process:

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"Now scheduling time for me is a priority that I will not forget."

sweet words from clients

"Donna is energetic and kind and truly cared about ME. I needed to work on my boundary setting and explore limiting beliefs around self-love. She collaborated with me to reach the small successes that led me to feel at ease to dig deeper."

— Laura