I'm here to help guide you to peace when life feels messy.

Hi friend. I'm Donna, a life coach + mentor.

I have my Masters in Social Work

Life is filled with lots of stuff. Weeding through all of the big and little things can sometimes feel messy or overwhelming. In order to even begin to see through any uncertainty, it is necessary to pause.

My job & purpose is to help you pause — and find the peace, rest & confidence that follows. 

My science-based education paired with certifications in executive and educational consulting give me the tools and experience to guide you through anything that's happening in your life right now. So that you can come out on the other side feeling strong & supported.

Quick facts:

I have 3 amazing children.

I love the NY Giants and am a die-hard football fan, I bleed blue

For a long time I chose comfort over courage.  I did not recognize my voice or passion and watched as life just happened.  Stepping away from comfort and befriending apprehension, fear and adversity was at first intimidating but I wanted so much more.  I learned to challenge my misguided limiting beliefs that had suffocated me for so long and failure, it became a strength,  When things in life seemed most dark,  grit and determination were my  way out.

This is my story.

I needed more than I had, I needed supports, I did not have to navigate this road alone.  I had to accept what I could not control and take charge of what I could.  I had choice.  I learned to breath again.  I learned to be strong and that my strength was contagious and could be shared.  I chose courange, consistency and commitment.  I took it one day, one minute, one milillisecond at a time and I was able to Rise!  

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No matter how many times you fall, you can rise.

You already know what you know - It's there inside you.  This is your life, learn to OWN it, find what moves you.  You have choice.  Choose to let go of what is holding you back.  Show yourself that you can, trust in you. 

There will be times when you miss the mark, learn from it and rise.  Only by keeping your feet moving forward and your head held high can you manage the road ahead.  This is your time, 

Your greatness is just waiting to be explored and lived and my purpose is to invite you to see and live your strong.

choice, hope, engagement, encouragement, and resolution

Find your cheer!

I walk my clients through the journey to c.h.e.e.r.

Let's work together

through life coaching & mentorship

Life coaching teaches you how to achieve big dreams and break free of those inner thoughts and mental imagery that may leave you feeling stuck. It can unlock what is in the way of your moving forward and creates a balance and harmony from the inner and external struggles. All of this and more starts NOW, the momentum starts today and the change is there for you to make.

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"Helped me un-complicate things for myself."

sweet words from clients

"Honest, authentic, and thoughtful while being goal-oriented with a caring demeanor. Donna helped me to clarify my thoughts and un-complicate things for myself. I gained confidence in my choices by becoming more decisive in my ability to make better life decisions. Thank you for the trust and for allowing me to see how my choices were holding me back."

— Nelson